I will conduct an inspection of the following components of a residential building, (if applicable), heating system, cooling system, plumbing system, electrical system, structural components, foundation, roof, masonry structure, exterior components, interior components, porches and decks, ventilation and built in appliances.
                             Price List
Condo Inspection                                                         $325 and up
Homes less than 1500 sf                                            $350
  1501-2000 sf                                                              $375
  2001-2500 sf                                                              $400
  2501-3000 sf                                                              $425
  3001-3500 sf                                                              $450
  3501-4000 sf                                                              $475
  over  4000 sf                                                         call for quote
  Re-inspections                                                        $225 and up
New Construction pricing-If I complete your new home inspection, I will return before the one year warranty expires and complete an inspection at discounted rate of $150.

Radon Testing $150 (additional fee may apply outside Raleigh area)for continuous monitor.
Additional fees may be added for homes based on age.
Assistance available with scheduling Pest/Septic Inspection.